The poster

For each International Museum Day, ICOM chooses a theme that is at the heart of society’s concerns. This year is special for ICOM as it is the year of the triennial General Conference to be held in the Czech Republic in Prague in August 2022. Traditionally, in these years, the theme of the International Museum Day is the same as the conference theme.

The theme of this poster is “The Power of Museums” and it evokes the forward movement in which museums find themselves today and their creativity in moving towards a free and sustainable society. The bright colours of the poster recall the visual and graphic atmosphere of ICOM Prague 2022, creating a link between the two events.

Have fun with it!

We invite you to adapt the poster according to the needs of your museum: maybe to promote a special exhibition or any other event. A customisable version of the poster is available, so we encourage you to involve the staff and the public of your museum to change it. Our aim is to have as many different versions as possible to represent the different challenges of the future and how museums can help to overcome them! When your masterpiece is finished, do not forget to snap a picture, upload it to your social media and tag us. We will share the best ones!

Download the poster

Customisable version

Poster translations

If you wish to use the poster in a language that is not available, do not hesitate to contact your ICOM National Committee or complete the form below.