What is IMD?

International Museum Day is a worldwide event, held each year on and around 18 May, to increase public awareness on the role of museums in the development of society.

How long does it last?

IMD can last for a day, a week end or a week long – depending on how long the museum wishes to celebrate.

Where does IMD take place?

IMD is not intended to be held in a single location. ICOM welcomes all museums and cultural institution willing to participate to open their doors to everyone on that day.

What is IMD theme? What’s the point of the theme?

Each year, IMD theme is different. The participating museums are invited to create special activities, in connexion with it. The theme chosen for 2024 is “Museums, Education and Research”.

Is there a program for IMD?

IMD is not an event subjected to a specific program. Each museum is free to set up, a debate, a show, a conference or any other activity possibly related to the IMD theme.

Where to register for this conference? Is it necessary to register to participate in the IMD?

IMD is not meant to be a conference, even though the theme is a reflective subject on the role of museum in the development of society. There is no registration but museums can publish (free of charges) the information about the activities organized in their institution in the interactive map available at https://imd.icom.museum

Who is the event for? What audience is target by this event?

IMD is a family event that aims to bring to the museum everyone. Universality and access for all is one of the major values of this event

What is the role of participating museums ? What should a museum that participates in IMD do?

ICOM’s Communication Department provides all the elements needed to promote International Museum Day; a communication kit with explanation of the theme, a poster created for the event and a social media campaign to provide more information on the event.

Where can I get more information about IMD?

You can find all the information on the dedicated web site https://imd.icom.museum, where you can download the communication kit that contains explanations for the theme, examples of former activities and all the information needed to prepare well for this event